Thomas shares his story

In August 2021 Thomas passed away peacefully, it was not related to his Prostate cancer

We have been coming to Mid Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group meetings for, I think, about five years.  We heard about the group via the Mid Sussex paper - there must have been something in the news.  Some of the talks have been very helpful and interesting.  My wife Ann has always accompanied me to the meetings, and found them interesting and instructive.  As a farmer she is very down to earth and practical.

It was through one of the lectures that we met Dr. Fiona McKenna, who sorted me out with an oncologist as, at the time, I was only seeing the urology department at Princess Royal Hospital.

I was diagnosed August 2005 and put on Zoladex hormone treatment until Sept 2007.  Then back on it March 2015 to June 2017.  Then again Feb 2019 to May 2019. Since then it has been watch and wait, as my PSA has been down below 0.1.  But it is now beginning to rise again, although slowly.

I didn't have radio or other therapy - it was my choice, as I really couldn't face the regular trailing down to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.  The hormone treatment could be at the PRH.  It did give me a rather a rough ride and I became the classic Menopausal Man.

The treatment at the moment is wait and see.  The biggest problem has been the testosterone level, which has been off the bottom of the scale, but has just crept back into view.  Which of course doesn't help my energy levels or my get up and go….. but I suppose at 91 I can't expect miracles.