A letter from Roger Wotton, Chairman of the National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups (Tackle), on the work the Federation has been doing, in 2016, on behalf of Prostate Cancer sufferers:

Haywards Heath Prostate Cancer Support

Dear Arthur,

As the year draws to a close I wanted to share with you some thoughts from the Federation.  Our support network continues to grow and there are now some 87 groups across England and Wales. When I first became involved with the organisation two years ago we had 63 groups.   However, there is more to do to make sure men diagnosed and their families have support wherever they live.

After a few months of uncertainty I am pleased to report, in part due to the generosity of a number of support groups, we are planning on continuing our efforts in 2017, specifically to raise awareness, grow our support network and lobby and campaign on behalf of our members.   We will continue to work on fundraising and still have plans for projects such as the Tackle Bus, but this will of course depend on funds and resources being available.  We will keep you informed of progress though regular communications, including Prostate Matters.

You may be interested in a couple of recent examples where we have been involved on behalf of members.  An influential report has just been published - the 2016 edition of the National Prostate Cancer Audit, an initiative where we participate as the patient
s voice.   This gives an overview of diagnosis and treatment trends across England and Wales.  You can find this on our web site in the news section Here

Secondly,  thanks in part to our continued campaigning efforts, NHS Scotland will now provide Cabazitaxel, a life extending drug for advanced prostate cancer patients who need it.  This now gives the same access to the drug in Scotland as other parts of the UK.  We will continue our effective campaigning and lobbying on behalf  of patients.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members and their families a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2017.

Best regards

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Roger Retires
Sunday, 20th October 2019
At our Board Meeting this week, Roger Wotton, Chairman of Tackle Prostate Cancer since January 2015, announced his resignation as a trustee with immediate effect. He commented:

"It is with deep regret that I announced my resignation as a trustee of Tackle. This is entirely due to the progressive nature of my advanced prostate cancer. At the moment I have reached the end of the road for any further therapy and it is unfortunate that this has developed over a relatively short period of time. The last 5 years with Tackle have been some of my most enjoyable and I will really miss the challenges, the camaraderie and the work in helping men and their families suffering from this terrible disease.

I believe I am leaving Tackle at a time when we have enhanced our reputation, raised our profile and established a sound financial position for the charity. There is never a good time to say goodbye, but I do feel that I now need to focus on things closer to home, as much as I have enjoyed helping others".

The other trustees thanked Roger for his enormous contribution to the success of the charity and wished him all the best.

The Board announces that Ken Mastris has been appointed Chairman and John Coleman as Secretary and Vice Chairman.