MIke's Story

Mike from Lindfield, a member for several years and recent chairman says, “In September 2012 I was 70 years of age and, after reading an article on the BBC News website that men were entitled to an “MOT” from their doctor, I went along to see my GP.  He gave me a full examination and a blood test which, unbeknown to me, included a PSA test.  Ten years earlier, my then GP advised against a PSA test, due to the damage that can arise from a biopsy. 

As I had no identifiable symptoms, I was surprised to be told I had a PSA of over 5.  I was referred to a urologist who, after an examination, recommended a biopsy.  With some persuasion I went for a biopsy in December, from which I had no complications, and it was identified that I had prostate cancer.  An MRI scan followed in January 2013, which indicated that some of the cancer cells were pushing to break out of the prostate.

Within days I was on a course of hormone treatment.  Following a visit to the oncologist, who recommended radiotherapy, a daily visit to the Royal Sussex County Hospital for treatment commenced in June and ended in August.  The hormone treatment continued for a further two years.  

All the treatment options for prostate cancer carry a risk of damage to the surrounding nerves and organs.  Any subsequent health issues that arise from the treatment, and how long they last, will vary from patient to patient.  I myself had problems which required further visits to the hospital, but I am now in remission.

Thanks to that decision my by GP back in 2012, I am able to enjoy an active life at the age of 78.  Over the last eight years there have been many advances in both the diagnosis and the treatment for prostate cancer.  As a member of the Support Group since 2014 I have helped others by sharing my treatment experience and, by listening to others, gain a knowledge prostate cancer and the alternative treatments.”