Pelvic Radiation Disease is caused by having radiotherapy to the pelvic area or lymph nodes.

For those of our members who have had radiotherapy to the prostate and / or pelvic lymph nodes, they will possibly have side effects such as urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, radiation proctitis or lymphoedema to name but a few.

When being presented with the possibility of having radiotherapy it is important that you know what side-effects there might be post treatment. If you decide to undergo that treatment, the NHS ask you to sign a ‘disclaimer’ which outlines some of the possible side-effects (but not all) and states that they might continue for the long term.
There is a ‘radiotherapy consent form’ for prostate cancer,
produced by The Royal College of Radiologists which is below.

There is an organization called the Pelvic Radiation Disease Association which offers help and advice to people who have any of the above side-effects

Link to PRDA

Radiotherapy consent  form  Here