Coping during the Cancer Journey

This web-page lists PCUK guides and videos on how to cope with prostate cancer.  A Section at the end cover the support and information available to help the carers, of those with late stage cancer, cope.
Coping with Prostate Cancer

Recently issued/revised guides from PCUK

- There is a guide for men who have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer available here.

- Dying from Prostate Cancer available here.

How to manage series available here and covering:

- How to manage sex and relationships

- How to manage fatigue

- How to manage urinary problems. (Peter, one of our members, has updated his story on this web-site to cover his recent successful surgery for the fitting of a male sling to eliminate his post radical-surgery incontinence.  You will find his story here.)

- How to manage symptoms and side effects of advance prostate cancer

- How to manage chronic prostatitis

There are more guides covering all stages of the prostate cancer journey available from PCUK here.  

Coping for Carers

Patients suffering from late-stage Prostate Cancer frequently need the support of carers.  Support and information is available to help carers cope:

Macmillan Practical support for carers. Go Here for a wide range of information on residential, physical and emotional care support for carers.

Carers Support West Sussex. This organisation has a range of services that can help support carers, from counselling and access to relaxation therapies to a Carer Wellbeing fund, Support Groups and Carer Response Line - Here