October 2020 Newsletter

Message from Brian Holden, Chairman:

Dear members,

I thought it would be useful to introduce myself, since many of you will not have met me over the past three years. I am Brian Holden and I’m your new chairman. I am committed to help all members, both old and new, to get the best out of our support group. My own prostate cancer journey started four years ago. Please look at our web pages under Members’ Experiences to read Brian’s Lucky Journey and The Lucky Journey Continues.

As our name suggests, Mid-Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group, we are a Support group and want to help make your journey with prostate cancer as bearable as possible. I am sure that amongst our membership we have been given all the possible treatments available on the NHS for our disease, so please participate and let us help each other. Perhaps you could put pen to paper and send us your experiences – there are more frightened and bewildered men who need your help!

Our next meeting will again be by video link, on Zoom, on 14 October at 3pm. We know that for many people Zoom sounds complicated, but we are able to help you join if you have difficulties. Some members who have tried Zoom have been glad that they persevered and joined in. This meeting is on a sensitive subject for most men, after treatment – erectile dysfunction. The speaker is Dr Steve Allen who, apparently, presents the subject from his own experience in a very understand- able way. If you join the Zoom meeting you are able to keep your anonymity if you wish. Ask Jenny to add you to the guest list, then follow the sign-in instructions. Log-on early to make it easier for yourselves – there will be time to chat with old friends if you’d like to. There is no problem parking and crossing the busy road in pouring rain to meet up with friends!

We are keen to arrange speakers on subjects that will be of interest to members, so please feedback to Jenny with your ideas.

We are aware that face-to-face meetings could now take place, for up to 15 people, and your committee would like to pursue this idea. The Dolphin Centre Meeting Room, our usual venue, is approved for such meetings.

Would you care to give us feedback – do you want to try and meet up with fellow members face-to-face?

Stay healthy, fit and well.

Brian Holden  chair@midsussexprostate.uk

Brian Holden (Chairman) chair@midsussexprostate.uk  07989 966 867 
General enquiries and & dates of forthcoming meetings info@midsussexprostate.uk