We were established in July 2012 under the group name 'Haywards Heath Prostate Cancer Support Group' but rebranded in 2020 to cover a larger area and also welcome people from further afield.
We aim to:
Organise regular meetings, currently three times per year, according to the needs and wishes of our members.

Provide accurate and up-to-date information in co-operation with professionals but will not give medical advice or make recommendations
How we run:
'We are not funded by the NHS and have a small annual subscription of £5 per family, normally payable in July, to cover running expenses.' Please join here. .

Up and coming meetings:

Should I have the flu jab this winter?

Who can have the flu jab?
Please click here to visit PCUK website for details.
Facebook  Please join our new Facebook Group  Here which is set to 'Private' for your privacy. You will need to answer a couple of questions for the application.
Ensure that we listen to one another, that we welcome everyone equally and that we make sure everyone participating understands and respects confidentiality.
Following our Zoom presentation Erectile Dysfunction by Dr Steve Allan, who was joined by Mrs Lorraine Glover a Psychosexual Nurse Specialist, many questions were asked by some of the 27 members present.  A video of the presentation will be available on our website soon.

Lorraine referred to several videos of topics that were particularly relevant to Erectile Dysfunction, which a number of members had questions about, some more detailed answers are available here https://www.lorrainegrover.com/about-lorraine-grover/videosmedia/

A well used saying was USE IT OR LOSE IT!
Doctor Steve Allen 

What has changed 10 years on from my diagnosis, and treatment pathways"

We were delighted to have a presentation by Steve recently and the video of this and Steve's background can be viewed Here
Our meetings offer opportunities for those affected by prostate cancer, their wives/partners, families and friends to share experiences and to learn more about the treatment of prostate cancer and current research. Guest speakers join us to give up-to–date, valuable information and to lead discussion.