March 2021 Newsletter

Message from Brian Holden, Chairman:

Dear members,

Good morning everyone,
Today is the first day of Meteorological Spring, and the recent good weather has given us the opportunity to get out and enjoy our wonderful countryside. I certainly have, and recommend you do too, not only for essential exercise but for the lift in spirit and mental wellbeing that nature brings.

As you all know, I started hosting a regular, informal, Zoom chat room on a Friday afternoon, which has been very successful. We have talked about life in general, how we cope with side effects, our diets, exercise and mental wellbeing. If you’d like to see and chat with your fellow members just come along.

We are wondering whether our members’ wives and partners would appreciate having the opportunity to get together and chat about how their men’s prostate problems affect them, amongst other things? This would, of course, be arranged separately from the men’s meeting. We’re looking into the possibility of a regular prostate partners’ Zoom chat
room, so let us know what you, or your partner, thinks and watch this space as they say.

As you may have noticed, the link to the Covid JoinZoe app has been on our website for several months. There are now over 4.5 million people reporting their symptoms, tests and vaccinations and vaccination side effects. I'm now also helping scientists to investigate the impact of the pandemic on people's mental health - you can too.

Download the app

A couple of weeks ago I co-presented our Zoom meeting on exercise. It was well attended by about 40 members, wives and guests, including PCaSO and a representative from the Isle of Wight. Peter Williamson, our guest speaker from Nordic Walking for Health, was asked about the cost of Nordic walking poles and lessons. He has confirmed that it will cost £75 for a pair of poles, and £20 per 1 ½ hours tuition. Also, there was the question of exercise bands for indoor and outdoor use, and these are readily available online and in local shops for about £20. The meeting was video-recorded and can be iewed on our website -

Our next Zoom meeting with presentation will be on 18th March at 14.30 and will be presented by Dr Steven Allen, helping us with Incontinence. Steve has presented two other meetings to us and they are both available to view on our website. His talks are always very informative and helpful, and he has a very practical and down-to-earth approach to talking about potentially embarrassing prostate cancer problems.

Recently we applied for, and received, a grant from the Local Connections Fund. We are purchasing four Android tablets to loan out to our members who would like to join Zoom meetings, but have so far been unable to do so. The tablet will be pre-loaded with Zoom, a dedicated MSPCSG email address, direct links to many useful websites and full
instructions on how to operate Zoom etc. Two have already been allocated. Please contact me if you would like more information:

Last week Mike Streeter, who has been a valued member of our committee for about 5 years and Chairman for 2 of them, decided it was time to step back from the committee in order to devote more time to his family and his local Bowling Group in Lindfield. We are sad to see Mike go, but completely understand his reasons and thank him, on behalf of the support group, for all that he has done during this time. I’m sure he will still attend some of the face-to-face meetings/presentations once these are able to take place.

Following Mike’s departure from the committee, we are not intending to seek a new committee member. If, however, you feel that you have ideas that could contribute positively to the future of our group, please contact me directly.

Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, we now have an idea of how we will come out of lockdown, and can look forward to more social contact and better days ahead. Hopefully this will be the start of more men being tested, with follow-ups of prompt treatment for those that need it.

We hope you all have a good month, and will join in with some of the chats and the next presentation.

Take care and keep safe.

Brian Holden (Chairman) 0791 9949 318

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