April  2021 Newsletter

Message from Brian Holden, Chairman:

Dear members,

I hope you are all well and have had a good Easter, maybe meeting up with family and friends. March has been a busy month for group activities, and I am glad to see more of you joining in, meeting fellow members and helping others. Many of us have side effects related to our treatment, and it has been good to talk about these and to realise that our own problems are not unique. The weekly Friday chat room continues and helps in this respect.

You will have seen that we now have a dedicated telephone number - 07919 949318. Calls come through to me, should you want to talk. Using the
new number, we have created a WhatsApp group, which several members have already joined. WhatsApp Messenger is a quick and easy way to ask a question to a member you know, or generally to an open group of members, to chat to fellow members or even tell a joke!

Earlier last month I attended the Prostate Cancer UK Annual Conference where, once again, the theme was how we will all move forward when lockdown eases.

As we have been saying for several months, much communication with ourclinicians will be via telephone and video calls using Zoom, WhatsApp and
other media platforms. We have good experience within our membership to help anyone who would like to join in but is nervous about doing so. Contact
me, or Jenny, and we will get you started. For those who are hard of hearing, our Zoom chat room is now showing subtitles of our conversations, which is
proving helpful.

I also attended a National Cancer Research Institute presentation by two eminent professors. Lots of studies have taken place over several decades. The
overwhelming result is that the best thing we, as patients, can do pre and posttreatment, is to exercise for 30 minutes a day, and to eat a healthy balanced diet, keeping a good waist size for our height.This month’s Zoom presentation is:

Eating well with Prostate Cancer, Exploring the role of Diet and Nutrition. The session will be led by Nicky Robinson, Nutrition Lead at Penny Brohn UK,
and will discuss how simple, evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes can support health and wellbeing for those with prostate cancer before, during and after treatment. Please come along and support us and our speaker. Bring your wife or partner too - or they may come along on their own!

Don’t forget Thursday 22nd April at 1430. Link details will be circulated nearer the date.

I’m sure that you will be very pleased to know that your committee are planning a face-to-face meeting at the Dolphin surgery, Haywards Heath,
probably in October when we are allowed, but before doing so we need your input. Very simply - do you want to meet up? You will have the option of
attending face-to-face, or via a simultaneous Zoom link. Also, what subject would interest you most? Please let Jenny have your topic suggestions for
presentations, preferably by email.

Once again, Dr Steve Allen’s presentation last month on incontinence was excellent, and well received by the 40+ members (mid Sussex and PCaSO)who attended. We are hoping to have Steve join our Friday chat room soon.

Lots to think about for you all. We look forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, seeing you.

Finally, some sad news: Ian Cooper, the Support group’s first Chairman, very sadly passed away late March. I’m sure a lot of you will remember Ian. He
attended all our meetings until around 18 months ago when he became very poorly. Ian will be missed, by all of those who knew him, for his friendship,
professionalism and help over the past 8 years

Brian Holden (Chairman) chair@midsussexprostate.uk 0791 9949 318

General enquiries and & dates of forthcoming meetings info@midsussexprostate.uk